Company profile

Shanghai Soho-Yiming Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.—— China's leading GMP peptide API enterprise, Shanghai high-tech enterprise

    Soho-Yiming Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd(a wholly owned subsidiary by Ankebio) was founded in 2001. It is a high-tech enterprise focused on research, development, production and sales of different kinds GMP peptide API.

    Our company owns the first-class facilities of experiment and production, such as automatic peptide synthesis system, separation and purification system, freeze drying system and other instruments. By introducing, digesting, absorbing the most advanced peptide synthesis technology in the world, we have established a leading high-tech platform for active small molecule peptide drugs in China. Our company also independently invent a solid phase technological process which is suitable for industrialized production. We provide high quality peptide products for injection enterprise in the world.  So far, there are more than 60 kinds of peptide API have gone public and in the clinical stage. The range and output of products is always in the leading position in China. Meanwhile, Soho-Yiming provides high quality products, purification service, synthesis reagent and technology consulting of peptide API.

    The vision of our company is by introducing and digesting the advanced peptide production technology, relying on the cutting-edge biotechnology to continuously improve not only technology level but also scientific strength. Soho-Yiming has created a faithful, positive, innovative and cooperative corporation culture. Striving to improve products quality and provide clients with high quality products. We have been committed to forge our company into the largest, most influential peptide pharmaceuticals enterprise in China.

    We have been awarded as national high-tech enterprise since 2007, it is also known as “tech-giant” in Putuo district. The Somatostain, Octreotide Acetate, Salmon Calcitonin, Thymopentin, Leuprorelin, Oxytocin and Thymalfasin have won the Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation prize. Somatostain owns the honor of Shanghai key product, at the same time, Somatostain and Thymalfasin was also listed as innovation funds project by MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology). Octreotide Acetate was selected into the “National Torch Program”. Soho-Yiming has been taken as the top 50 pharmaceuticals enterprise with its huge development potential.

    Soho-Yiming pays great importance to the protection of intellectual property. Our company has applied for more than 30 kind invention patent including Oxytocin, Octreotide Acetate, Leuprorelin, Somatostain, etc. What is worth to be mentioned is that Octreotide Acetate won the first prize of Shanghai 18th excellent invention. In addition, Somatostain and Oxytocin was awarded the second prize of 19th and 20th excellent invention in Shanghai.

    Mr.zhou,Soho-Yiming’s founder, is the director of China Biochemical Pharmaceuticals Industry Association,technical expert of the MOST, member of Shanghai expert database. He also owned the top 20 excellent invention honor in the past 20 years.

    Our company has removed to a brand new large-scale GMP peptide production base in Qingpu district, Shanghai in 2017. Since then, the environment, capacity and hardware facilities have been upgrade comprehensively. According to current GMP requirements, we have realized the strict control to our products quality with comprehensive GMP management and passed the FDA on-site inspection with no deficiency in 2017. Till now, Soho-Yiming has become the unique peptide API supplier in China who has 6 GMP approval. Including Thymalfasin, Thymopentin, Somatostain, Salmon Calcitonin, Octreotide Acetate and Atosiban Acetate. Besides, we also actively promote veterinary market, the Gonadorelin and LHRH-A3 also got the animal drugs GMP certificate issued by Shanghai Agriculture and Rural Committee in 2019. With the continuous hardworking of all staff in Soho-Yiming, our company also obtained CEP certificates for Oxytocin and Salmon Calcitonin in 2017, which is very helpful for us to successfully enter EU market.

    For now, our company is able to achieve batch production of 6kg, the sales of various kind high purity (above 99%) peptide API could be 300kg for every year and annual revenue nearly 100 million. Meanwhile, Soho-Yiming’s production capacity is about 500kg and market share has always ranked first in China for years. Shanghai Soho-Yiming Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd. is the mainstay of Chinese peptide API industry and wins lots of honor in peptide fields. Soho-Yiming will still move forward and make contribution for world peptide pharmaceuticals business in the future.